} } A potty is a toilet for babies. All pookies need to go to the potty every once in a while. Here's everything you need to know about helping your pookie go potty. Not everyone goes potty because you might get banned for saying the words "pees" or "poops". It is common on CPPSes because they don't have chat filters.

When they need to go

Always help your pookie potty right when they wake up and right before they go to sleep. In the middle of the day, your pookie might tell you they need to go potty, and if they don't, you should probably have them go right after lunch as well.



A pookie going potty.

Newborn and young pookies wear diapers, which means that all you need to do is change their diapers when they get stinky. Diapers are also called "Dippers" or "Dippies" To learn more about newborns and changing dippies, click here.

Potty Training

Pretty soon you will need to potty train your pookie. Take them to the bathroom and lift them up on the seat. Then tell them to let it out. If they get a little messy, wash them up afterward, then have them wash their hands. If they did it correctly, you could give them candy.

Bed Wetters

Some pookies wet their beds. Sometimes they will be detailed, like saying "wiggles around in sleep" and "bed gets wet and warm" Other times they will just say "wets bed" They might wake up and start crying. Just reassure them, change their clothes, and let them sleep with you. If the pookie choses not to sleep with you, just put a dry towel over the wet spot, and tuck them in all over again.


Accidents will happen! An accident is where a pookie pees or poops their pants, usually because they can't get to restroom. Accidents are common in big fam fam when another member of the family could be occupying the rest room and the pookie can't hold it any longer. Accidents can also happen when a pookie is out of the igloo. The pookie can be at a place with no restroom, like the Pizza Parlor, or the Puffleberry Mall, and they won't be able to hold it long enough to make it back to the igloo. Accidents can also happen at stool when the teacher won't let them go to the restroom or when the pookie is too shy to ask. Sometimes, a pookie will try to hide that they wet their pants, but other times they will be very open and honest about it. If a pookie is to pee/poop their pants, a parent or an older sibling will help them clean it up.

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