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A Prep Pookie is a pookie who is sometimes a prep on Club Penguin. These are rather uncommon to see, due to the fact that some preps hate pookies/protest them, but some pookie lover preps will be pookies if they have the stuff. There are 3 types of prep pookies. Note: A short way of saying "prep pookie" is "prookie" or "cheer pookie"



These prep pookies act exactly like stadium preps. They may have rare teddies and elmo dolls and be friends with some preps.


Preps wear a lot of different clothes. Often, they will wear rare items in order to look special and different. Some preps are MELDS. Usually they wear the Letterman Jackets, and sometimes the Sidetied. They act much older than their age. Sometimes they are MELDs, but not always.[Category:Pookies]]

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