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A pookie in a time out.

Punishments are usually for naughty pookies, divas and MELDs. There are a lot of types of punishments, such as being grounded for a reason or being sent to time out. Mostly mean mumus or duh duhs punish Pookie(s) for no reason.

Sometimes penguins like meanie mumus or pookie haters take advantage of a pookie and simply punish them for no reason given. This type of punishment usually includes the pookie being hit or tortured, leading them to turn their penguin color to red to show that they are bleeding and/or hurt.

Types of Punishments

Sometimes when a pookie has done something bad they'll get punished for it by their mumu or duh duh. Several punishments can include timeouts, sent to their room, not getting playtime, or even not getting a special treat after dinner. When punished, pookies might get angry and throw a tantrum destroying everything in their paths. So, parents have to make sure to give fair punishments for fair reasons.

Mature mumus and duh duhs

Normal mumus, nice, or mature mumus/duh duhs usually give their pookie a simple punishment, like time out, taking away a toy, or not getting a treat.

Some pookies, (usually divas) will get upset with punishments, even when the punishment is simple. They usually do this for attention. Rarely, pookies will run away because of their punishment.

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