Quadruplets are four pookies born on the same day. They are basically two pairs of twins. Like normal twins and triplets, they will stick together. They can all have the same personality or different personalities.


Same Topic

Months (January, August, April, May)

Disney (Anna, Jasmine, Belle, Elsa)

Gems (Opal, Amethyst, Pearl, Sapphire)

Plants (Sakura, Peach, Rose, Daisy)

"Inspirational" names (Serenity, Comfort, Zen, Fortune)

Same letter

Sian, Sandy, Sarah and Sally

John, Jacklyn, Jennifer and Jessie

Alice, Agnes, Abby, and Ariana

Bailey, Ben, Bernice, Bella

Eunice, Emma, Evelyn, Ella

Zoe, Zaria, Zayn, Zara

Delia, Derek, Diane, Donald

Sound alike

Jordan, Lauren, Morven, Gordan

Jill, Bill, Lilly, Phil


  • Quadruplets are so rare, you may never see a pair in your entire pookie lifetime.
  • Most quadruplets form when a pair of wistas/broders join together.
  • They are not usually allowed in pookie contests.
  • They are not picked that often, since most mumus and duh duh's don't have enough room for them.

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