Queen's Crown
The Queen's Crown

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Queen's Crown is a rare item for pookies on Club Penguin. Pookies do not wear it very often due to it being rare. However, it is extremely common on Item Adder Pookies and on CPPSes


  • Most mumus prefer the Queen's Crown over the Tiara when picking a pookie.
  • The crown is made of gold, being the base of the crown, and some sort of red gem (ruby, garnet or whatever you choose it to be), which is the gemstone in the middle.
  • Most pookies find that this item can be worn with almost every outfit.
  • Pookies with Queen's Crown on are usually the first ones to be picked.
  • Mostly female pookies will wear this item, but male pookies can also wear it, although this is super rare.
  • Some tomgirl pookies may wear this.