A pookie fighting


Another pookie fighting


A pookie fighting because someone stole her Teddy Town DVD.

Rivalry is where 2-6 (and sometimes even more) pookies come near each other and say things like "stretches at golden elmo" or "DATS MY TEDDY!". It draws the attention of the mumu, who tells the pookies to stop fighting, or sometimes even tells a pookie to leave. Sometimes, when she hears the fight, she says something like "turns on teddy town" to distract the pookies, stop the fight, and get back to what she was doing. Other times mumus will have a rivalry with other mumus. Biggies can have rivalries too.

How to stop the fighting:

  • Try putting them in timeout. They may cry, but it's a responsible thing to do!
  • Calm them down by letting them watch a TV program they like.
  • Try and tell the problem to the others so they know what is happening.


  • Some pookies might not make up for a while, but they'll get over it eventually.
  • This rarely happens unless the mumu is very skilled.
  • They may fight over toys.

Why your pookies might be fighting:

  • They might want something, but the other one took it first.
  • They want the mumu's attention, but another pookie is speaking.
  • They want to watch one show, but their sibling wants to watch a different show.
  • They think they are the mumu's favorite.
  • They think that they are the oldest, youngest, smallest, funnest, rarest, cutest, etc.
  • They do it for attention.
  • They want to play with the same toy.
  • A toy has been broken and one pookie was blamed.
  • They want a different type of food for dinner, lunch or breakfast.

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