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A pookie sick in bed

A sad pookie.

Sad Pookies (also known as Gloomy Pookies) are a type of emotion that pookies often feel. As their name implies, they act very depressed around other pookies and usually like to be alone.

How they act


Another sad pookie.

Sad Pookies usually say things like "realizes that I will never get picked". Sad Pookies use the sad and the depressed emoticon to express their feelings. They never say all the cute catchphrases that all the other Pookies say, they just sit around and cry. Sad pookies usually sit in the more unnoticeable parts of the Pet Shop.

What to do if you see a Sad Pookie

Don't ignore a Sad Pookie if you see one. If you are interested in adopting a Pookie, a Sad Pookie is surprisingly a good choice! Though they may act depressed when you first adopt them, they may grow out of it and act happy. If you are a Pookie, don't bully or make fun of them. They have probably been through a lot, and could of been adopted by a meanie mumu and abused, making them act this way. This is very serious if the Pookie's sorrow is not able to be happy and too much to control it, it can result into a bad ending.


  • *Cries*
  • *Realizes will never be picked.*
  • *Puts wittle fwippers over eyes.*
  • ''Tears river down tiny beak.''
  • ''Puts blanket over peach-fuzz head.''
  • *Was abused.*
  • Was never picked before.
  • Wants any mumu or duh duh, even if he or she a non-member.
  • Tears fall down so fast that blanket becomes soggy.
  • Whimpers.
  • Sobs.


  • Sad Pookies may be Gothic Pookies.
  • Most Sad Pookies may be Homeless Pookies, which can explain why some are very deeply sad.
  • Some reasons why some pookies are sad pookies is because they might have been abused, or just want attention for being picked.
  • Diva Pookies may pretend to be Sad Pookies to get a lot of attention.
  • Unlike other emotions, Sad Pookies often tend to use very strong sentences.