Scene Pookies are a rare kind of Pookie. They are somewhat like the Gothic Pookies, but they're more


colorful and bright than normal Pookies.

Notable Phrases

"listens to bloob on the dance floor"

"rawr xD that means i luv u in dinosaur!!"

"is scene"

"nuzzelz u"

Where Can You Find Them?

Scene Pookies are very rare in CP, but are slightly less uncommon in CPPSes. They are a very rare kind of Pookie. Most of the time, despite their rarity, they can be found in the Dance Club, Pet Shop, CPU, or the Stadium.


  • Scene Pookies usually have deviantART accounts.
  • They use emotes like "XD" and ":3" a lot.
  • They always usually wear bright clothing.
  • They sometimes dance quite a bit.

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