A servant is like a maid or butler that either gets paid or doesn't. They are treated like slaves, and may only be given table scraps to eat. A lot of pookies (mostly divas) treat them very rudely, but some love their servants and help them. Servants often are pookies.



Slaves, maids, and butlers




Mostly equal


An example of what a pookie servant looks like.

Servant Appearance

Servants are sometimes non-members, but, otherwise, they aren't and wear dirty-looking clothes or aprons. They may say things like:

"free servant!"

"taps miss/mr universe/world/omg!"

"may/can I be servant?"

"sighs while cleaning"

"doesn't expect good life"

Servant Life

Some fam fams treat the servants like one of their family. They get to eat dinner, breakfast, lunch, and even snacks with the fam fam. But most of the time the fam fam is mean to them. Servants may leave if treated very bad or being abused. Other times, servants will stay for the shelter.


  • They are called "servants" because "slave" won't go through the Chat Filter.
  • They are often Homeless Pookies
  • Sometimes haters will trick pookies into being servants.
  • If a pookie servant knows about the PPP, some of the time he/she will go to them to complain about their fam fam, specially due to bad treatment. However, often, pookie servants put themselves into servantry for the benefit of having a roof over their head, at least for some of the time. Sometimes, also, pookie servants can't run to them for rescue because they aren't supposed to leave the fam fams igloo.


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