A pookie showing off their yellow puffle.

Show and tell is a typical school activity. This is usually preformed in pre-school, but it could happen in the early years of regular stool. Like in real life, pookies take things to school and tell their classmates about it. Sometimes, there is a pet day, where pookies show off their pets. Rarely, there is puffle show and tell.

Problems and solutions

Toy demolition

Sometimes, divas and/or other pookies will try to break or steal the other pookies' toy(s), which will cause a lot of drama. If this happens, the pookie will get a punishment from the teacher, such as a timeout, and the other pookies' toy(s) will be held on to until they are fixed.

Dangerous pets

Sometimes, a pookie will bring a pet to school, and he/she may attack the others (usually a MELDU or a MELDK). If this happens, the teacher will put the pet in a cage and try to calm it down, and the school nurse, if there is one, will treat the pookies' injuries, if they have any.


Sometimes, a pookie will get jealous of another pookie's toy and steal it (this usually happens if the toy is imaginary, and if the pookie who stole the toy is a diva of some sort). If this happens, the teacher will retrieve it from the pookie who stole it and return it to its original owner. The teacher will also give the thief a punishment. This usually causes a lot of drama, and if the pookie refuses to give the toy back, he/she will be sent down to the principal's office.