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A baby Shweep (Wamb)

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Shweep (aka sheep) are very uncommon animals in pookie society. Most people who own shweep are poor. Baby shweep are called wambs (aka lambs).

Taking care of your shweep

All you need to take care of shweep is a barn, a hay bed (yellow puffle bed), and a big backyard with lush grass. Shweep will eat the grass in your backyard, but you will have to give them water. You also have to shear them once in a while, before the growing gets out of hand. Don't worry though, your shweep won't get hurt. It is like getting a hair cut!

About Shweep

In the pookie-ing world, shweep are mainly used to provide wool to a Fam Fam. Shweep can be adopted at the The Forest or Pet Shop