Pookie wearing Red Sneakers

Sneakers are common feet items for pookies on Club Penguin. Often, pookies wear blue or pink sneakers.

Colours of sneakers

In Club Penguin there are 8 colored sneakers. They are:


  • The Red, Blue, Green and Yellow sneakers were available until 2014 via a code from Club Penguin - Game Day!
  • The Red Sneakers haven't returned since April 2014 in any catalogs.
  • The Pink Sneakers are the rarest.
  • The Black and Blue Sneakers re-appeared in the August 2015 Penguin Style while the Purple Sneakers appeared in the July 2015 Version.
  • The Penguin Band singer Franky wore the Red Sneakers before their release in 2010. After his 2012 remodel, he no longer wore these.


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