Snow Leopard Costume
Kitty 2

Full Name

Snow Leopard Costume

Common on Kitties Rating


Where Found

Earth day Catalogs, Penguin Style

Seen on Pookies?


The Snow Leopard Costume is a costume that most kitties wear. It first came out during the Earth Day parties, and then in the Penguin Style catalog.


  • The Snow Leopard is an endangered animal in real life. Club Penguin released this item to bring awareness about it.
  • The amount of kitties who wear this costume is decreasing as the general population of kitties is decreasing due to pookies dislking kitties.
  • However, the main reason this costume is becoming less popular is because some kitties are ditching it for the 2014 orange cat costume.
  • Some pookies wear it on Halloween to pretend to be a kitten/leapord.
  • Some pookies might wear this at a Pookie Contest if the theme is "Animal", or "Halloween."


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