The Stage was a place to watch plays in club penguin. It closed when the Puffle Berry Mall opened in its place.

Stage Exterior

Stage exterior

The Costume Trunk

Sometimes, pookies would go here with their family to buy costumes for the latest fashion. Many pookies on the CP app wear different items from the trunk, like Grumpunzel's Dress, Fairytails, the Guardian Dog Muzzle (highly common on animals), the Countess Dress and many more.

What Penguins would do at the stage

Some pookies do a school play such as 'Maleficent' or 'Beauty and the Beast'. They would act it out here, at the Stage. Sometimes there is a professonal play going on and the pookies will watch the play with their famfam. If there is a movie playing, the pookies would watch the movie that is playing.


The script is for penguins who want to be in the play, and act out. There are many plays such as 'Ruby and the Ruby' that have scripts. Every single play has them. They come with the director's note as well. People do not usually use the script because Club Penguin reuses the plays and they become boring after a while so pookies usually just make up their own lines.

Stage Igloo

During the closing of the Stage, a stage igloo was released.


  • Some pookies get stage fright and do not want to perform, even if needed but other pookies really like to perform and will always perform.
  • Most movies do not air on the time they usually do in CP.
  • The Stage has been replaced by the Puffle Berry Mall.

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