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A mumu reading a story.

Story Time is a good way to pass time for pookies. It is when a member of the fam fam (usually a mumu, duh duh, biggy, or an older middle) will read a story to the pookie(s). Sometimes pets will listen along.


Usually, A family member will ask "wanna hear a story?" The pookie(s) will then gather around the family member. The family member might read a story about Teddy Town, Elmo, Bunny Barn, a fairy tale, or something completely different. The story could be read from a book, or from memory. Sometimes, the story teller will tell the pookie(s) about a great time in their life. Pookies will usually act cute by saying "giggles" and other phrases. Middles can also listen. It is rare for a biggy to tag along, because they usually have "better things to do" than listen to stories.


  • The age group for story time is usually newborn to young middle.
  • As stated above, sometimes pets will listen to the story.
  • Story time usually happens right before bed, or when the pookie(s) are/in bed.
  • The mumu (or whoever is reading) may read well known stories, such as Cinderella.
  • Some pookies may get bored with the story and do something else instead.
    • When this happens, it is best to make the story more interesting for your pookie.

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