Summer Camp is something pookies may go to, sometimes along with their wista or broder, and sometimes even their Biggy Wista or Biggy Bro. It is generally held at an igloo, and it mostly represents a nature camp.

What a Summer Camp Has


What a summer camp may look like.

The camp, like most camps, will have several "stations" or "areas," some inside and some out. These are some places it may have:
  • Bunks/Cabins/Tents (where pookies will sleep) 
  • Campfire 
  • Dining Area
  • Playground area 
  • Sports Area 
  • Pond/Pool 
  • Meeting Place 
  • Classroom (rare) 


Some summer camps may have uniforms. Uniforms are usually just a simple t-shirt that almost every penguin owns, and the pookies pick their neck, face, head, hand, and feet items. However some camps are very strict with their uniform and won't even let the pookie pick their own hair.


Pookies wearing a uniform.


  • Camps are associated with Pookie Scouts.
  • Summer camps are for everyone, but certain ones are just for pookies.
  • Sometimes pookies will find a wild animal like a bear.
  • Pookies may not like Summer Camp because they may miss their family.

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