The pool




Puffle hotel pool

Swimming or Swimmmy is a fun activity that most pookies like to do during the day. They usually do this after the biggy or middle goes to school, as biggies and middles usually don't like to swim. To swim, pookies usually go to the Cove or the Pool.

Where To Go

The pool is the most common place to go swimming, however, there are other options. Some pookies like to go to the cove, the beach, sometimes the hidden lake, occasionally the Puffle Hotel Pool, and rarely the iceberg. Some mumus might even have their own pool from the Teen Beach Movie party, but most pookies think that it's too small.

Things To Do There

At the pool, your pookie might have lessons. Sometimes there will be a lifegaurd at the pool or the cove that will offer to teacher lessons, or you can do it yourself. If your pookie already knows how to swim, they like to play tag or play splash. If your pookie has a sibling, they might get into a fight and splash eachother, but usually splashes are nice. Some pookies may also pretend that they are afraid of the water, or say that it's too
Betty (swimming)

A drowning pookie

cold. They will get over it though. Lots of pookies will drown at the pool, which people find very annoying, but they find entertaining. These drowning pookies are the ones that just want attention. You can easily grab them out of the water and do CPR and they will be fine. Unless they are a diva, in which they might die, just for attention. Beware! Sometimes, after they die they will blame it on you for not helping, even though you did.



This is what a pookie might wear.


A homeade pool.

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