The pool




Puffle hotel pool

Swimming, or Swimmy, was a typically fun activity that many pookies liked to participate in. Mumus and duh duhs usually planned a weekend to go swimmy, sometimes followed by a stop at the Pizza Parlor or the Coffee Shop. To swim, pookies usually went to the Cove or the Pool, but they have frequently gone to the hidden lake, beach, or a home pool. Sometimes, parents took their children to the Puffle Hotel pool and even the Iceberg.


Many pookies couldn't swim, so some needed swimmy lessons from a parent, older sibling, or perhaps a lifeguard. If the pookie already knew how to swim, they usually played water games such as tag and splash. Pookies with siblings might get into a fight and splash each other, but usually, the splashes didn't have mean inntentions. Some pookies also pretended that they are afraid of the water, or say that it's too
Betty (swimming)

A drowning pookie

cold. They usually got over it though. Lots of pookies had drowned at the pool area, which was often found annoying; but pookies, especially divas, usually found it entertaining. You could easily grab them out of the water and perform CPR and they would have been fine. Some divas would ignore your attempts to save them and die for attention. Beware! Sometimes, after they die, divas would blame their death on you for not helping, even though you did.



This is what a pookie might have worn going swimmy.


Pookies in the pool


A homemade pool