Teen Pookies are penguins that dress like pookies, but don't act like them. They act like they're teenagers, and use slang words and abbreviations often, such as "lol" or "XD". These pookies usually come in twins or triplets and are often found at pookie contests. They are really common on Teen pookies are extremely common, in fact, they might even outnumber regular pookies!

Teen pookie vs normal

A teen pookie (left) compared to a normal pookie (right).

What do they say?

The best way to see if a penguin is a teen pookie is through what they say. One of the most popular teen pookie phrases is simply "XD". You would never see a normal pookie saying that, but teen pookies say it all the time. They also talk a lot about things in real life, not in the Club Penguin world. This is one of the key traits in a teenage pookie. They may talk about celebrities, fast food restaurants (such as KFC) anything in the real world. Teen pookies are also sometimes very, VERY random. They don't act cute and precious to get picked. They usually don't even CARE about getting picked, they just want to have fun. They sometimes yell out things like "DO YOU LIKE CEREAL" or "IS LLAMA".

What do they wear?

Teen pookies usually have rare clothing. They often wear the same things as their twins or triplets (if they have them). Some of them will even wear the tiaras, but this is pretty uncommon. Most teen pookies wear dresses and sneakers.

Are you a teen pookie?

Teen pookies aren't who they are on purpose - it's just their personality. They can't just switch from normal pookie to teenage pookie. You could be a teen pookie and not even realize it!


  • Sometimes, teen pookies may be actual people who are in their random phase.

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