The Flitter Flutter
Flitter flutter

Common on Pookies rating


Range of patterns/colors?

Yes (Flutterby and The Befluttered)

Member item?


The Flitter Flutter is a wig that is sometimes worn by biggies and mumus. It can also be worn by pookies, but this is very uncommon.


  • Biggies and Mumus wear this more often than pookies.
  • Related to The Flutterby and The Befluttered.
  • The Flitter Flutter is a purple-black version of the abovementioned wigs, and has a purple butterfly clip.
  • All 3 hairstyles have remakes in the snow & sports catalog but more messed up in game.
  • Emo Pookies and Gothic Pookies like this item, because of it being a dark shade. 
  • Many pookies don't wear this because of it being a dark color, and the pookie probably wanting it to be a yellow/blonde color. 
  • Many pookies like the purple butterfly clip. 
  • As said before, it is uncommon for pookies to wear this item, because of the color not matching the outfit and skin tone. 
  • This is the most uncommon wig out of all 3. The Befluttered being the first, common around Biggy wistas, mumus, and toddler pookies, The Flutterby being second, mostly common around mumus and biggies, and The Flitter Flutter in the last place. 
  • This item costs 300 coins.
  • It is a member-only item.
  • It was sold in the Penguin Style Catolog.