The Sidetied

Rarity On Pookies Rating


Range of Colors/Patterns?

Yes (The Sidetied Too, The Sidetied Strikes Back)



The Sidetied is a head item worn mainly by mumus, biggies, and middles. It is not often seen on pookies, since pookies that wear wigs are not picked as often. Wigs are usually figured to be not as cute as other items, such as the Tiara. Also, mumus/duh duhs usually want a younger pookie, and they think pookies with hair are older than they would like (In Club Penguin, a pookie usually grows hair around the age seven, while in real life, they usually grow full hair around age one. Some real life babies are even born with hair!).

The Sidetied's variations are The Sidetied Too and The Sidetied Strikes Back. This wig is more popular than both of its variations.


  • The Sidetied is extremely popular on preps, and a lot of female preps wear this.



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