The Sidetied Strikes Back.
The Sidetied Strikes Back

Common rarity on pookies rating.


Range of patterns/colors?

Yes (The Sidetied, Sidetied Too).



The Sidetied Strikes Back is the third variation of the Sidetied series. Other variations include the original Sidetied, and The Sidetied Too. It is mostly seen on biggies, but is also seen on mumus and middles. Pookies almost never wear this item. The Sidetied is more popular than this wig, but this wig is more popular than The Sidetied Too.


  • This wig is mainly seen on biggies and mumus, but rarely on pookies.
  • Pookies are usually never seen with this wig, due to it not being rare and pookies with hair don't get picked often.
  • This wig is very popular on female preps.
  • For an unknown reason, many rare mumus wear this wig, even though it is still available to this day.

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