Tomboy Pookies are, well, pookies that are tomboys! They would rather play with trains than dolls, and sadly aren't picked as much. They are very uncommon as girly pookies are the norm. What they wear:

Head item: A pookie hair item like The Befluttered or The Funster, or they will go bald.

Face item: Glasses (very rare), nothing.

Screenshot 2015-08-17 at 23.45.53

A Tomboy Pookie

Neck item: Most commonly scarves, the black feathered boa, or a necklace like the Feather Necklace.

Body Item: Hoodies, really any pookie item that's not a dress.

Hand item: A plush, more likely to be the Fluffy Stuffie or the Turtle then other plushies.

Feet item: Sneakers, boots, or bunny slippers.


  • They are the complete opposite of she-girls.
  • They are seen more often on CP than CPPSes.
  • They are an uncommon sight.
  • Some tomboy pookies may be similar to Gothic Pookies.
Screenshot 2015-09-06 at 20.25.52

Another Tomboy

A tomboy pookie eating a lollipop

A tomboy pookie eating a lollipop.

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