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A set of triplets.

Triplets are three pookies who were born on the same day. When in the Pet Shop, two pookies who are already wistas might be asked by another pookie who looks like them if they can be wistas. This is the most common way you will find triplets. Triplets are rare, since twins and single pookies are more common and more likely to be 


Another set of triplets!

adopted. They often love to participate in Pookie Contests. Sometimes, triplets will have an uppie with them as well.

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Boy triplets.

Kinds of triplets:

There are many different types of triplets: 

- Identical triplets (same outfits, same color). 

- Opposite triplets (different outfits, different colors). 

- Same color different outfit triplets (same outfits, different colors, as shown above). 

- Team triplets (different outfits, same color). 

-Mixed triplets (random triplets, different genders, or same genders, two might be wearing the same outfit, the other one completely random, etc). 

-Boy triplets (all three of the pookies are boys). 

-Girl triplets (all three of the pookies are girls, most common). 

Triplet Names

Same Topic

Months: (April, May, August)

Disney princesses: (Elsa, Anna, Belle)

Gems: (Ruby, Emerald, Amethyst)

Plants: (Lily, Daisy, Rose)

Inspirational names: (Serenity, Grace, Charity)

Same Letter

Molly, Melissa, Max

Annie, Aiden, Anthony

Laura, Lily, Lacy

Carson, Carmen, Carla

Katie, Kelly, Kevin

Shelley, Sean, Samantha

Jake, Jesse, Jordan

Ashton, Alice and Agnes

Rosetta, Roseanne, Rosey

Sound Alike 

Carla, Carly, Carlos

Macy, Lacy, Kasey

Milly, Billy, and Lilly

Ann, Jan, Manny

Will, Jill, Bill

Jordan, Lauren, Morven

Jason, Mason, Lacy

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