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A tummy pookie

Tummy pookies (commonly referred as Tum Tums) are pookies who live inside their mumu's tummy until they are born. They are the complete opposite of eggs, but you could be banned for sexual language.

Tummy pookies are usually found in the petshop, or in a hospital igloo. Since sexual language is not allowed on Club Penguin, you will have to find a pookie that says "Fwee Tummy (or Tum Tum)!" Then, you will have to say "Me!" and run over to them. The tummy then will walk where ever you walk and not say anything until it is born.

In a few Club Penguin days (3-7 minutes), your tummy pookie will say "Is ready." You will either have to find a hospital igloo, go to the beacon, or set your own igloo into a hospital and have one of the members of your fam fam dress as a doctor. Without getting into too much detail here, your tummy pookie will eventually say "Is out" and start crying, and turn the color red. You will have to warm up the tummy, and give it clothes. It is then that your tummy pookie is officially a newborn!


  • Some Mumu's walk around with twins or triplets, instead of one tummy pookie.
  • They are more common than eggs.
  • Tummy pookies usually just wear the color yellow.
  • Tummy pookies are almost NEVER discolored.
  • Some tummy pookies are made the other way on CPPS's such as and
  • You may see many tummy pookies through out your pookieing carrier but the tummies getting adopted is rare.