Turtle Tots is a show for pookies on Pengy JR. It mainly appeals mostly to boy pookies, and rarely to girl pookies. 


Turtle Tots is about 4 pookie friends named Emily, Zachary and Ruth. They go to a toy store to get a new toy. They buy a magic turtle for the price of 10 coins, and when they take the turtle home, they get teleported into a world filled with turtles, and they meet Talia Turtle, Tammy Turtle, Toby Turtle and others. The show has 6 seasons with a 8th one coming in May 2017. Other characters like Maddie, Rodney, and Mr. and Mrs. Wood may appear. Turtle Tots is basically a turtle version of Teddy Town.

The Characters In The Show

Main characters

Emily: Emily is the tomboy. She is 5 years old and loves astronomy. She also enjoys gemology and being with her friends.

Zachary: Zachary is the hyper one. He has ADHD and loves candy. He loves cracking jokes and reading books. He also loves playing baseball and the piano.

Ruth: A native pookie who lives with a humongous family. She normally tells her friends about her culture. She loves anything pink and aspires to be a princess.

Evie: Evie is the youngest of the crew, being three years old. Evie is a girly-girl powerhouse, dressing in nothing but dark brown braids and all shades of pink. Evie can get picky and sassy but overall will be an awesome friend.

The movie

The rumours were true! Turtle Tots has had a movie that released March 7, 2016 in select movie theatres. It also had TV-only Valentines Day, Easter, Christmas and Halloween specials.

New Character

When the seventh season is up and running, they will air a commercial introducing her. Not much is known, but all that is known is that she is a girl, and her name will be Evie. She is 7 years old and will be introduced in the first episode of the seventh season. What's also known is that two villains appear, Mr. Big and Mr. Small, The Greedy Mice. They want everything under their tiny hole, and its up to Athena, Benjamin and Charles to rescue Evie from the mice.

Evie has made her debut in the episode "Big And Small".


  • Out of parental demand, the character Zachary was temporarily removed, as he was deemed as 'offensive to pookies with ADHD'. At the start of season six, he was brought back and voiced by an actual penguin who suffers from ADHD, and Zachary's lines are all written by said penguin.

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