The Umbrella Hat is a head item. It is found through puffle digging. Pookies may wear it when the theme is rainy in a pookie contest, or may just wear it when trying to get adopted; although this is rarely seen.


A pookie wearing the Umbrella Hat.


The Umbrella Hat.

Umbrella Hat

Common Rarity on Pookies.


Gender Ratio?

Seen more often on boy pookies.

Seen on other fam fam members?

Pets, but that is really rare.


  • It is a item rarely worn by pookies.
  • It is usually worn during storms.
  • It is worn usually during pookie contests, but rarely worn outside of one.
  • In a pookie contest, it is good for the themes rainbow and rainy.
  • It was released in 2007.

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