Hey everyone, It's Pam.

So, a lot of people (all of you?) has seen the wordmark at the top of the wiki. Or the picture at the top which says Club Penuign Pookie Wiki. 

I've came up with the idea (stolen from the CPW) to make seasonal ones. You may notice that the Pookie has a pumpkin on, because it's almost Halloween. So in Chritsmas, they might have a Santa hat or something. Now, this is where I'm asking you to get involed. I want you to make a wordmark. Right now it'll probably be for christmas or something. To make sure that yours is even CONSIDERED. You must have it 250 pixles long by 65 pixles high. If not, it will be too small or big and won't be put as the wordmark. Also, don't do it in Paint and do a terrible job. Do it in or Photoshop. They look better as you can make layers, so you can have items with trasnparent backgrounds.

Once you have made it, submit it to a vote page (which I haven't made yet!) and then it'll be voted for. The one with the most votes will win.

One you win either, send me a message of it, or email it to me, Kit Kat or Pookieluv.

We will then change it. 

For now, you can put the woordmarks ion the comments if you have one we want you to use.

Thanks for reading, 

Pam out!

Paint.NET link:

My email:

Osha Yeah, Epic Pam! My talk pageOsha

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