Video Games are a common pastime for everybody, adored by any pookie that can get their flippers on them.

Video games

A pookie playing video games.

Rating Age Group Description Examples
Early Childhood 3+ Games that can contain educational nature, TV shows that pookies love, or however, These games aren't as crude or violent as the others. Elmo, Teddy Town, Barney, etc.
Everyone 6+ Games that may have mild cartoon violence. Super Mario Bros, PS Vita Pets, etc.
Everyone 10+ 10+ Games that may have mild cartoon violence and sometimes crude humor. Minecraft, Splatoon
Teen 13+ These games are only made for teen pookies, This is not designed for children/pookies. No examples? add your own!
Mature 17+ 17+ No description? add your own! No examples? add your own1
Adults Only 18+ No description? add your own! No examples? add your own!
Rating Pending All ages For games that have been announced and yet to be rated, they stay that way until they release, or they're cancelled. Club Penguin Beta, Club Penguin Beta 2

List of games pookies may play

The age group is usually 3-10

  • Teddy Town
  • Bunny Barn
  • Elmo
  • Super Mario
  • Spongebob
  • Wii Sports
  • Minecraft
  • Splatoon


  • The most popular games are more likely to be games of popular shows such as Bunny Barn, Teddy Town, and Elmo. Another popular game in the Club Penguin universe is the Super Mario franchaise.
  • However, other games can be seen on,, and other CPPSes.
  • Considering that most igloos don't have gaming consoles, video games are quite uncommon.