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Weapons are devices or instuments that are made to harm others. Weapons are either used for self-defense, or hurting other penguins.

Types of weapons

Deadly Weapons/Real Weapons

There are many kinds of weapons used by penguins. Most weapons used are very lethal and will kill pookies.


A sword

Some kinds of weapons are

  • Swords (most common)
  • Guns
  • Spears
  • Bows
  • Knives
  • Scissors (if used the wrong way)
  • Razors or blades

Fake weapons

Fake weapons are toys made to play fight. They don't hurt, but you should still supervise your pookie carefully. These are best for older and more mature pookies.

Some examples of fake weapons are

  • Balloon swords
  • Plastic or foam replicas
  • Weapons held by action figures
  • Plastic/butter knives
  • Water guns


  • Weapons are usually used by Pookie Haters.
  • It is rare that a pookie would ever use them, unless they are a Killer Pookie.
  • Killer Pookies often use them.
  • Most of them came from the Pirate Party, Star Wars Takeover and Marvel Takeover.