The White Diva Sunglasses is a face item in Club Penguin. They are extremely common on mumus, biggies, middles and preps.

White Diva Sunglasses
The White Diva Sunglasses.

Common rarity rating on mumus, middle wistas, and biggy wistas.


Common rarity rating on pookies.


Seen on pets?

Diva kitties.

Still available?

Yes (through puffle digging).


  • It is unlocked from puffle digging.
  • Since it is obtained so easily, it is seen on almost every mumu. Otherwise, mumus wear one of the other diva sunglasses.
  • It is seen on almost every female prep.
  • It is seen often on diva kitties.
  • It is almost never seen on pookies, it is even rare on divas and pookie actors.

    A biggy wearing the White Diva Sunglasses.

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